Tauiliili suspended
Middle Linebacker Michael Tauiliili has been indefinitely suspended from the team
following an arrest for DUI, failing to stop after an accident, and assault.  N&O article is

What's a Wade Wacko, anyway?

Duke fans are, simply, nuts.  Well, we
are, and we like it that way.
In fact, some of you may have heard of
Lunaticae Cameronus, more commonly
known as the Cameron Crazies.  
Rumor has it that these people can be
seen from time to time in Cameron
Indoor Stadium, and even waiting
outside its doors during the colder
months of the year.  This breed usually
appears in October and disappears in
mid-April, and can be recognized by
the abundance of blue body paint,
incessant basketball analysis, and
plotting and planning of cheers to be
levied against their foe.  For 2 hour
stretches during this October-to-April
period, they collect around the
basketball court inside of Cameron
Indoor Stadium and attempt to outyell
each other as the Duke basketball
team outscores opponents.

A close relation of this breed (some
would say that they are the same,
merely in different forms as the
seasons change) is the Wade Wacko.  
The Wade Wacko is most often seen
Saturdays from August-December, and
is most likely to be found enjoying
Bullock's and beer in a pre-game
parking lot or on metal bleachers in
Wallace Wade Stadium.  A recent
secondary location has been found in
the Yoh Center, though further
sightings will be needed to confirm if
this will be a primary location for the
Wade Wacko.  Identifiable features
include:  heavy key rings (more
effective for jingling pre-kickoff),
abundance of blue clothing, and, in a
highly rare species, a sign reading
"Back Duke or Back Off."
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