UNC Recap:

Oh hell.  Why wouldn't you take Carolina?  That was the deal -
Carolina was supposed to go to hell.  Instead, Duke had yet another
kick blocked and Alleva announced that Roof will definitely be back
next year, with no plans to change coaches before Roof's contract is
up.  Now, on one hand, I get the idea of continuity.  You can't build
momentum if you keep changing coaches like mad.  On the other
hand, we had several instances of bad decision-making this year.  If
we had played smart all year and lost, it would be one thing.  But we
keep shooting ourselves in the foot game after game after game.  
Will having a QB that's not a freshman taking snaps for the first time
help?  Certainly.  But the decision-making just has to get better if we
are going to even get to 3 or 4 wins in the next couple of seasons.

If losing to the freaking Tar Holes wasn't bad enough, insult was
added to injury when
Southern Fried Football put us on probation till
we get bowl-eligible.  
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